Visible Difference Janitorial is a full-service janitorial contractor providing products and services in Western South Dakota since 1998. In 2007, Mark Ebach purchased the company while enhancing the reputation of the company by sticking to the original goal of creating a "TOP RATE" janitorial service. Visible Difference Janitorial has maintained the long standing relationships with its clients since the first day of operation.

Our expertise covers the full range of commercial properties, we can provide project-based labor for specific tasks, or enhance your facilities management staff to ensure that your facilities are clean, compliant, efficient, and safe. Our team and supervision have over 14 years of experience in successfully fulfilling customer needs and are highly trained on the products and procedures. Each facility is supplied with an account assigned supervisor and a chain of responsibility to ensure quality control. Our attention to detail, high standards and cooperative attitude have rewarded us with lasting relationships that shape the basis of our success. The response time to emergencies and unscheduled requests is second to none.

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning company to provide you with top quality commercial cleaning with a proven customer track record, please contact us.